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    Block4chain - unconditional insurance payments for air tickets

Air tickets insurance

Have you ever tried receiving insurance payment from your insurance company? That’s a real challenge. If you have flight delay or cancellation insurance and your flight has late you need to provide at least 5 various documents within a specified time frame to receive insurance ammount.

What is Block4Chain?

Blockchain-based system that holds contracts between clients and insurance company. We create this contract when receive payment from you. In the day X this contract checks flight status and if your flight delayed for more then 2 hours or cancelled - it sends payment to your credit\debit card automaticly.

No burocracy

Your flight war delayed\cancelled? Your don't need to do anything. Contracts perform automaticly!

Math modeling

Machine learning math model that predicts delay\cancellation of specific flight based on analysis of more then 40 parameters.


All mutual transfers controlled by smartcontracts.


We don’t store personal data or any other confidential information in blockchain.

Fiat money

We accept fiat money ($) and we pay insurance ammount in $ directly to your credit\debit card